Consent form

Because you have had personal coaching with me (Louise Koch) or have participated in one of my courses I have received personal information about you and your health. Perhaps you filled out a questionnaire, shared some information in an email or told me things during the video coaching that I wrote down in my notes. I would like to keep this information in case you ever come back for more coaching but according to the GDPR I need your consent in order to do so. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Just ask me to delete your information by sending me an email at

NB. None of this information will be shared with others, and will only be seen by me, Louise Koch.

I herby consent to the following:

The saved and stored information will typically be information about your name, address, age, gender, health, symptoms, illnesses, challenges, diagnoses, tests, dietary choices, plan of action, recommendations and an outline of what we have talked about.

The purpose of saving is to save time in the future in case you book another service from me. That way you do not have to repeat everything again and I can give you the best help possible.