Get a green smoothie health boost

A green smoothie is a super healthy drink and one of my best tips for healing and detoxing the body. At the same time they also taste sweet and delicious and you can really get addicted to them.

A true healing green smoothie only consists of fruit, leafy greens and water – nothing else!

When you blend the leafy greens you crush the cells in a far more efficient way than when you chew. That make lots more vitamins and minerals available to the body.

You really feel it when you first start out with green smoothies and you can truly call it natures own super vitamin pill.

I have been drinking green smoothies every day since 2011 and to me it is the easiest way to get my greens. Even kids love them! In this video I will show you how to make a simple green beginner smoothie that can do wonders for your health.

I you want to learn even more about green smoothies and get lots of recipes I can highly recommend my green smoothie e-book ‘The Healing Green Smoothie’.

Green smoothie for health