How to get happy – naturally!

Are you truly happy or do you feel a bit down?

Are you one of those people who struggle to feel happy throughout the day?
Perhaps you ask yourself “why don’t I feel as excited and happy about life as I used to be?” Or “if only I knew what to do to become truly happy I would do it!”
That’s how I used to feel myself and I personally struggled with severe mood problems for 7 years.
… I had anxiety, depression and social phobia so I know first hand how that heavy, sad feeling of being trapped in your own mind feels like.
It was SO frustrating and I was willing to do almost anything to feel better.

The interesting thing is that today I’m almost the opposite!

I generally wake up happy with lots of excitement for the day and it is easy for me to laugh and smile.
I also have way more energy and I’m way more easy going about everything.

So what did I change?

I simply changed my diet!
Something as simple as diet can have an amazing influence on your mood and in this video I share some really interesting experiences and my amazing emotional transformation.
I also share what diet I used of course plus what very common fruit that will especially benefit your mood.

Would you like my help?

You may think ’It sounds really interesting with this diet change but I don’t know how to get started or what to eat.”
If so, then don’t despair.
You can book me as your personal coach and I will take you by the hand and help you step by step.
That way it becomes easy and doable.
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Nb. If you take medication for depression I do not recommend that you stop just because you make diet changes. Always consult your doctor when you take medication and don’t stop before you have fully recovered.