How to get an easy and pain free period/ menstruation without PMS

Are you having a nightmare every time you get your period? For example with a lot of irritation and pre menstrual symptoms? And is it super painful on the first day so you have to take a day off work or school because you can hardly stand on your feet? Or maybe you are bleeding really heavily so you have to use tons of pads or tampons and it last for a week or more.

That was how I used to suffer myself, before I made some radical changes to my life. As a teenager I would lye with a heating pad on my stomach for hours and almost cry in pain. I also used the largest pads I could find and lots of them because it could easily last for a week. I could always feel when the period was on its way a couple of days in advance because I got really moody and irritated and it was just not a fun time at all.

I used to believe that that was just the way it had to be so I was very surprised when it all changed as a side effect of a diet and lifestyle change I did back in 2009. I went from having a nightmare to having a super light, pain free and trouble free period that almost took me by surprise every month. Today 6 years later it is still super light and easy, lasting about 4 days and with almost no symptoms. The amounts of pads I use is less than 1/3 of before and it is just such a relief. So what did I do? I simply removed all toxins and chemicals from my lifestyle in things like shampoo, makeup, dishwashing soap etc.  I also started eating a fruit based raw food diet based on the 80/10/10 principles that I describe in my ‘Get Started Guide’. It is quite different but it has truly been worth it, not just because of my period but for my overall heath as well.