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How to get happy – naturally!

Are you truly happy or do you feel a bit down? Are you one of those people who struggle to feel happy throughout the day? Perhaps you ask yourself “why don’t I feel as excited and happy about life as I used to be?” Or “if only I knew what to do to become truly […]

Avoid constipation and bad smelling farts

Do you have digestive problems? Do you struggle with constipation and bad smelling farts? Maybe it is just stuck in there and you can only go to the bathroom every 3-7 days. Maybe you even use cigarettes, coffee, HUSK or something similar to eliminate! If yes, then you are definitely not alone. Lots of people […]

How to get more energy and be less tired

How do you get more energy naturally? Do you feel really tired and wished you had more energy? Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning or to get through the day at work because your energy is low? Then you are not alone! Lots of people feel that way and just […]

Can you eat yourself well?

Can you really eat yourself well? I have done it and seen countless others do it too. I think so far I have interviewed about 70 people all over the world who got rid of their diseases and ailments naturally and I know loads more whom I never interviewed. In this video I share my […]

Which diet is the best for healing?

Have you ever wondered how you can eat yourself well and what diet would work the best? I have made a diet-speedometer that  illustrates how effective I find various diets to be when it comes to healing yourself naturally. It is based on my 9 years of experience with healing myself and others and in […]

How to follow your fruitarian dream and move to the tropics

  Have you ever dreamt about quitting your 9-5 job and move to the tropics? For most people it just remains a dream but this amazing couple actually did it. Paul and Yulia Tarbath used to live in cold and rainy England but they felt that they wanted something more. Yulias health was in a […]

Free from severe acne

Last year when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand I met a Canadian guy called Ted Carr.  He was a triathlete living on fruits and I was really impressed with his enegy because he was constantly training. Therefore I decided to hear his story about how he got to this point and it turned out […]

Ups I ate pizza, pasta and cake

Normally I eat mostly fruit but in this video you can watch me eat both pizza, pasta and cake. I have gone to the gourmet raw food restaurant Rasayana in Bangkok and the question is – how will I feel afterwards? The food there is absolutely amazing and some of the best raw food in […]

My new years eve in Chiang Mai

Before I started my super healthy diet and life style I would easily stay up late and party all night. Today I go to bed early and haven’t had alcohol for more than 6 years. Therefore it is hard for me to stay awake until midnight but this year for new years I decided to […]

Fruit shopping in the winter time

In the cold months of the year most people have trouble finding good fruit. It is the month of march and in this video I visit the largest distribrution center for fruits and vegetables in Denmark called Grønttorvet. I didn’t know what to expect before I got there but you’d be surprised of the variety […]

How to get a great life

My name is Louise aka FruityLou and I’ve followed the 80/10/10 raw food diet for about 6 years. I used to be really ill but got well through a diet and lifestyle change and today I help other people do the same. Every winter I go to Thailand and in this video I’ve gone out […]