Get healthy, happy, slim and energetic – Naturally!

Learn how to become a healthy, happy, high-vibe person using natures own principles. Boost your immune system with natural raw fruits and vegetables. Detox years of old toxins and rejuvenate your body from the inside out. The Natural Method is for you if you want to get more joy, physical wellbeing, spirituality, and energy into your life.


Are you struggling with…

  • Ailments you can’t seem to get rid of?
  • Low energy and feeling drained?
  • Excess kilos/pounds you want to get rid off?
  • Lack of motivation and joy in life?

If yes, then download my free ‘Get Started Guide’ and learn how to become the healthy, happy, slim and energetic person you really want to be. I will also send you inspiring videos, tips and life transforming information that has helped me and thousands of others back to life.

Raw Vegan Starter Kit

Transform your diet in only 4 weeks

Would you like to…

  • Activate your bodys natural healing ability with raw fruits and vegetables?
  • Boost your immune system and avoid yearly colds and flus?
  • Enhance your stamina against virus and bacteria?
  • Rewind time and watch your cells light up and rejuvinate themselves?

If yes, then learn how to eat a raw vegan fruit based diet and transition in the best way possible. This toolbox give you the meal plans, guides and recipes you need in order to succeed in just 4 weeks.

Learn How to Heal Yourself Naturally!

Without alternative treatments, supplements or superfoods!

This unique training teaches you:

  • How the body can heal itself
  • How Louise overcame an endless list of diseases
  • What you should eat to get well naturally
  • Why nobody knows about this method!
  • How you can get started too

Success stories

These amazing people did it and got well.

Overcame kidney disease (avoided transplant), overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Free from inflammatory arthritis, psoriasis, autoimmune disease, joint pains, and sinus problems

Free from hashimotos (thyroid), cysts, candida, fatigue, stomach problems, hair loss, headache, acne

Cured from terminal brain cancer

Free from Lyme Disease through a diet change (tick bite/Borrelia)

Free from depression, vertigo, arthritis, high blood pressure, herpes, kidney problems

Free from asthma, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, allergies, acne, overweight

Free from adrenal fatigue, hair loss, headaches, brain fog and malabsorption.

Free from stomach ache, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and adrenal fatigue

Meet Louise Koch

Louise Koch is a certified coach, a worldwide speaker and a published author. Since 2010 she has helped thousands of people around the world through her videos, courses, retreats and seminars and she is ready to help you too. Louise used to be really ill and cured herself naturally with a diet, mind-set and lifestyle change. Today she helps others do the same. She has followed the natural principles for over 10 years and has overcome things like jaundice, adrenal fatigue, gout, low hormone production, infertility, anxiety attacks, candida, insomnia, cell and DNA damage, high liver count, candida and much more. Her popular Youtube channel has more than 22.000 followers and her most popular video has more than 4 million views. Do you want to book a personal health coaching with Louise? Click the button below to learn more.

Recipes and inspiration for healthy eating


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