How can fruit eaters afford to stay long term in Asia?

I meet a lot of people who dream about a life in the tropics with abundant fruit and sunshine but they are short of money. So how can they do it financially? I thought you would like to know so in this video I interviewed a row of fruit eaters who are already doing it and they each have their own brilliant solution. I also tell you how I do it because I have been going to Thailand every winter since 2010. The first year it was ‘only’ for one month but then I got addicted and each year it got longer and longer. After a while I figured out how to do it the cheepest way and then I realized that I was actually saving money by going. Food is half the price, accommodation is super cheep and I don’t have to pay for heating and petol in Denmark so if I can get a cheap flight I almost can’t afford not to go!