Paul and Yulia Tarbath

How to follow your fruitarian dream and move to the tropics


Have you ever dreamt about quitting your 9-5 job and move to the tropics? For most people it just remains a dream but this amazing couple actually did it. Paul and Yulia Tarbath used to live in cold and rainy England but they felt that they wanted something more.

Yulias health was in a poor state so they desperately tried out different diets and somehow ended up on a low fat raw vegan diet that primarily consisted of fruits. That became their motivation to move because they suddenly wanted to be closer to the fruit and the sun. So they sold most of their belongings and took a leap of faith. They simply started their own online business and began travelling around Asia.

Today they have more energy than ever and their health is perfect. They exercise six days a week and even have energy for their beautiful little daughter who was raised on the fruity diet and lifestyle. At the end of the video Paul gives his tips on how you too can reach your dreams and get the life you dream about.