Should you use makeup or not?

Should you use makeup if you want to be healthy? Get ready with me.

Before I got ill I used to use a lot of makeup. Today I hardly use any because I realised how unhealthy it was. So what kind of makeup do I use today? In this video I show you some healthy alternatives and talk about why a lot of makeup is unhealthy. I also do something that I’m not super proud of. I go to a ballroom dancing competition and this means putting on a lot of makeup. Because it has been 6 years with very little makeup I can hardly remember how to do it and the result is ‘far from’ pretty. I also go to a hair stylist and get to taste a lot of hairspray. Healthy? Absolutely not but it is amazing what one will do in the name of sport and competition.

The brands I talk about in this video are called:

– Dr. Hauschka
– Jane Iredale